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At Editors for Hire, you can hire editors to edit based on your specific editing needs. Since we offer both editing and writing services, we have experts who specialize in both fiction and non-fiction. For instance, specialists for books, novels, screenplays, research papers, essays, dissertations and theses, MBA theses, resumes, grants, business plans, songs, and more.

While some of our writers and editors can write in several fields and areas, none attempt to be the “jack of all trades” and instead specialize in a specific field, which leads to a far greater level of expertise. For more complex projects that require a diverse set of skills, we can assign multiple writers and editors.

The spectrum of editing services is quite diverse. As such, it is best to contact us with the specifics for your project. Then we will be able to ensure we fully understand the scope of your project and provide an exact price quote and turnaround time. Some of our clients have detailed comments saved in MS Word’s track changes while others just want us to edit for grammar, typos, and clarity.

Whatever the level of editing you require, we have a great attention to detail and will be able to meet all your requirements. Just let us know the details.

Click HERE for the contact form or call (323) 570-4473 / (323) 570-HIRE.

Freelance Editor

A freelance editor for hire is a conventional editor who does not work for an editing service. They are hired as a proofreader and grammar checker and to make sure the writing reads well to the audience. Editors, freelance or otherwise, are also needed to suggest a better title and/or subheads, paragraph organization that flows better or perhaps finding more appropriate choices of word.

As a freelancer, however, you are not usually required to assign jobs or decide on the topic or story you want your writers to work on. Instead, you find writers who already have written articles or theses, whose work still needs some polishing. So aside from having a very good command of English and the ability to refine paragraphs into readable articles, a freelance editor needs to understand the market he or she is competing in, thus the ability to find clients.

Finding clients is one of the struggles a freelance editor faces daily. If you produce good work consistently and network appropriately, clients may come your way on their own but do not count on that happening too soon, or better, at all. A freelancer needs to be proactively seeking clients as even long time, regular clients may one day decide to move on to other things, working on completely different fields.

As a freelance editor, you can decide whether to work online or offline, as these two fields offer quite different types of clients. Online, the clients are usually web site owners looking for a quick check on his or her site content. Online agencies sometimes link students or other amateur writers with freelance editors for a short term project, like editing term papers or feature articles done by expert with little training in writing.

Offline, you need to approach publishing houses, magazines or newspapers for a chance to do editing work. Seeing as most freelance editors also have their eyes on these establishments, it doesn’t hurt to try other places to build your portfolio in the meantime. Marketing departments of private, start up companies usually outsource editing jobs to a freelance editor, as do advertising agencies and public relation firms.