Types of Essays

As a student, you will be expected to write a lot of essays that will help you in your learning process. Essay writing class helps all students to be able to fully understand the various types of essays one may be expected to write in their academic careers. Having a better understanding of the most common types of essays you may be required to write in college will save you ample time in trying to figure out if you have ever heard of that specific type of essay and lead to enjoyable quality writing.

Essay types

Persuasive essay: in an essay writing class, you will be provided with a better understanding on this type of essay. This essay normally involves one sided argument supporting a topic and another against that same topic. This type of essay provides more discussion on the topic from a personal point of view.
Explanation essay: just as the name suggests, in your essay writing class, you will learn that this type of essay offers a description and gives detailed and factual information on a product. For a successful explanation essay, you need to conduct a thorough research on the topic to be written.
Classification essay: this type of essay is mostly used when discussing a group of similar things with similar characteristics. A classification essay will require you to create a specific order that your essay will follow so as to clearly show the classifications.
Compare/contrast essay: as you will learn in your essay writing class, this type of essay shows the similarities and differences of the subject being covered in the topic. For a successful essay of this type, you should be very clear in stating the differences.
Descriptive essay: this type of essay will require you to give a detailed description on the subject or topic though out the paper. The intention of this essay is to describe and evoke emotions form the reader and must be balanced and give examples.

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