Freelance Editors

Freelance Editors: Why You Need Them

Have you written an essay or an article but not sure whether it is ready for submission or publication? Or perhaps you are always bad at spelling and/or grammar, or maybe a non native speaker of English? Despair not, freelance editors can take care of you. Read on to get the details on how exactly they can help you.

The most obvious, or rather, one of the job descriptions of freelance editors most people know is proofreading. Proofreading basically means reading the draft or proof of an article to find errors and to mark corrections. The most common type of errors found on second or third draft of writing is spelling which should be easily dispatched by any decent editor. Punctuation is also a problem most people will readily turn to an editor for help.

Grammar Check
Other areas freelance editors are commonly needed is sentence structures and the use of tenses. If you are not sure about your grasp of the English language and you are trying to write term paper or an article to be published, freelance editors are people you want to contact.
They will let you know if your sentences tell your readers something you are not trying to tell, or if your sentences lead readers to make conclusions you yourself do not believe or endorse.

Diction Assessment
Academic writing such as essay writing requires a formal tone. Even those who are able to pick learn many terms and phrases can experience cases of embarrassing and costly misuse. This is where freelance editors can be of tremendous help.

Fact Check
Editors are also very useful when you are writing a lengthy article, essay or term papers that deal with historical and/or geographical facts. As part of their error check service, freelance editors are also those you can ask to make sure that you have your facts right. Dates, places and timeline of events you discuss in your article should be correct once an editor has run through it.

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