Editors for Hire: Choosing and Hiring

Editors for Hire: Choosing and Hiring

When you look for editors for hire, there are a number of things you need to consider first, as well as things you need to decide.

Decide on Skills Needed
Editors for hire offer same basic service but most have specialties that are different from their fellow freelancers. Some of the most common skills offered are copy editing, fact or reference checking, proof reading and stylistic editing.

In depth editing services include substantive or structural editing where the editor work on the organization of your content; project editing, where editors for hire help with the development of ideas and polishing of manuscript; indexing, where the freelance editor list names, places, subjects and concepts included in your writing into an alphabetical order; and picture research where the editor assists in finding suitable images or artwork to go with the content of your writing.

Map Out Project and Budget
There are a lot of loose factors out there when you deal with editors for hire. The larger part of these loose factors depends on your project. How complicated it is, how many tasks the editors for hire need to complete and how tight your deadline is. These need to be outlined and spell out at the beginning of the project, to avoid future dispute.

Shop For and Decide on the Best Venue
Some projects find the most suitable editors for hire online, some other project owners seem to match with editors they find through friends.
Most of the editors for hire are available online though, the savvier one are parts of forums and may even have their own websites. Look for online directory to see your choices or post your project on job boards to gather bids.

Decide on The Editor
Editors for hire come in different types, mastery and personalities. One who is good for a friend’s project is not necessarily good for yours. Once people have reached out to you, create a shortlist of editors you would like to work with and establish contact, explaining your project and, if possible, the range of payment your budget allow.
It is more likely that the freelance editors will ask you to send partial sample of your project so they can give you a quote. Once this has been introduced, you can decide which editor suits your project best.

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