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How to Hire Ghostwriters, Editors, and Proofreaders

The written word is a powerful mode of communicating. Writing is everywhere — in a novel, reports, business papers, and website. At times, writing begins from scratch or you might be having some existing text that requires editing, or you have to change it to make it better. All these actions are targeted at having the best. There are professionals that can assist you in doing what you desire. For your job you might need a professional proofreader, or an editor, or a ghostwriter. Here are a few tips on how to decide what you need.


Those who write books do so with the flow of thoughts, they do not pause to check their spellings or grammatical or typographical mistakes. But after they finish writing, they generally appoint a proofreader to read the manuscript and correct the mistakes.

Proofreaders are very skilled in their task. They know where to put what punctuations. They are very good in English vocabulary and grammar. However you have to select your proofreader carefully. If your business is related to some specific industry, you then need to hire a proofreader that knows the technical lingo of your industry. If you are dealing with any product, your proofreader should be familiar with your product. If there is correct language and product information in your site people will visit it to have knowledge on it.

When you engage a proofreader you should take a quote from him. Some proofreaders charge on project basis while some prefer to charge on word count. Since there is no complication in proofreading estimating is quite easy and simple.


Editors are hired to give a finished writing the final touch and refine it. When a document is presented to the editor he goes through it minutely and gets the flow of the document as well as the thought process of the writer. He then tries to organize the whole document in a great readable format. The editor can put in his suggestions in order to make the document more interesting. On the other hand he may want some parts deleted as well. If you are employing an editor you should possess an open mind so that you are able to accept whatever changes the editor suggests. An editor that is good will be able to convert your document into a literary creation.

Editors can be appointed on hourly basis or a flat rate basis. You can request your editor to give an estimate which he will be able to provide. With the progress of work you can review the work and judge whether you can continue with him or not.


You generally hire a ghostwriter when you are unable to devote time to writing or don’t have the aptitude to write on your own. Ghostwriters are employed to write books or content of your website. Your input will be enough for the ghostwriter to put in words what you have in mind. It depends solely on you whether you want to publish the book in your name or share the credit with the ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters can be engaged based on the amount of word that has to be written. The word count generally depends upon the type of book being written. It is better to hire ghostwriter based on word count because it can be measured.

In order to get your job done without a hitch you need to give clear cut directions and spell out your expectations. If you engage an editor on word count basis, do not give him a free hand to add anything to your script since the editor will tend to stretch your script to uncertain lengths.

When you select a provider ensure that he is good in his work and can produce flawless results, because in the end it is your name that is going to feature as the author and accolades or brickbats will be on your account as it will be read by people.

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